Without getting tangled in tech, anxiety or ads — with Katie Colormaiden

Do you love spreadsheets? Can’t stand them? Scared of them?

Spreadsheet Love is a simple yet powerful system offered in a 4-week committed — hybrid live and online — course for entrepreneurs to help fill your program, course or event. Space is limited. Live support included. See below for details.

by Katie Colormaiden

  • Experience a ridiculously simple and profoundly effective approach to filling your course, program, workshop or offering called Spreadsheet Love. I’ve created a longstanding spreadsheet system that’s magic for manifesting and bringing in money.

  • Chuck the sadness, paranoia and confusion and start getting the numbers you want.

  • Join the happy crowd. This system has repeatedly proven itself. It’s filled clients’ events to capacity, brought one person in $100k quickly (for real), helped another bring in $15k in one month when she needed it most and helped other people bring in 100s of new leads.

  • Relax with a solid system to support you. I’ve sustained my own six-figure business for 23 years using my beloved spreadsheets and I’m sharing the magic with you in Spreadsheet Love.

  • Say nuh-uh to complicated marketing. I call this Grassroots Marketing because it’s down-to-earth, uses nothing fancy and is all about connecting to people.

  • Bask in the joy of simplicity. It’s super simple. I know everyone promises that but it’s really true. Obviously, you’ve got to participate but I promise you it’s easy. Interested?

  • Embrace the magical mixture of down-to-earth practicality and stepping into your dreams and goals. Each week has clear steps that lead to the next step. It’s worked for others and I can’t wait to see this work for you.

Fill your program to capacity (and even get a waitlist)

Connect with your ideal people

Experience a no anxiety launch

Stop worrying about tech

Learn a simple, reliable, profit-generating system

You’ll go from wondering how the heck you’re going to get people to your event / offer to grinning ear to ear with a sold-out program.

This is for you if you want:

  • An easier way to launch and fill your program

  • To stop procrastinating and gain confidence

  • To develop genuine relationships with clients

  • To share excitement, help people and bring in revenue

  • To attract clients without spending a ton on advertising

  • No more complicated schemes or launch strategies

  • To manifest what you’ve been dreaming and feel in control of your life, business and results

This is not for you if you:

  • Don’t have a clear offer to sell

  • Expect thousands of buyers

  • Have no experience communicating online

  • Have no computer skills (low tech is fine)

  • Aren’t interested in using any spreadsheet

  • Are a complete business newbie

  • Aren’t willing to actively engage with your audience and to commit to focusing on this for 4 weeks

Case Study: Dancing Fire Lizards

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Course Schedule

With Weekly Live Support

WEEK ONE: SETUP for Success

LESSONS: Naming & Affirming, Spreadsheet Sections, Tracking, Your Offer, Pricing

Set up your Spreadsheet Love structure. Affirm your clear goal. Define your offer details, set pricing.

In the video training, I explain exactly how to use each element of the spreadsheet and what matters most. With the coaching option, I’ll be checking your steps to make sure you’re doing what it takes to achieve the results you want.

We’ve got a private community (off social media) and live calls via Zoom happen there.

WEEK TWO: CREATE & Start Sharing

LESSONS: Scheduling, Copywriting in Your Voice, Visual Theme & Variations, Emails, Posts

Line up the dates for your launch and work backwards to your sharing schedule so you’re prepared ahead of time. Experience a refreshing, effective yet simple approach to defining topics to share and writing offer posts and e-mails. Pick your visual theme to use on everything: your event landing page, in posts, banners, e-mail and optional flyers.


LESSONS: Registration / Order Form, Landing Page, Wondrous QR Codes, Enlisting Social Media, Likers

Create your landing page and registration setup (options presented). QR codes have come a long way; you can even use them as your landing page. Engage social media as a great middle man. Capture all your fans on and off social media and add them to your spreadsheet for tracking.

WEEK FOUR: FOLLOWUP for the Fortune

LESSONS: Following Up, Incentives, Waitlist, Community, Celebration Matters

Ensure you’re including the most important aspect, which is personal followup. Create fun incentives for more signups. Share your spreadsheet in the group and get feedback.

Prepare for ongoing success. Create a waitlist* added to your order form / landing page to capture names for the next round after you’re full. Share in the Community and keep the momentum going with ongoing membership. Get ready to celebrate!

* I’ve done this using Gravity Forms on WordPress. You have a few options and we’ll talk it through in our live sessions if wanted. If you choose the Done for You option, I’ll set this up for you.

Winning Details Included

Spreadsheet System

System + Template

Get the exact template (Excel & Sheets) used to fill programs to capacity plus waitlists, with step by step explanation of the system

What to Do & When

Training + Live Guidance

It’s not the spareadhseet alone that creates your results; it’s also the guidance from me all along the way, in the training plus live calls

Art & Copywriting Tips

Art + Copy Help

Get posting and e-mail copywriting direction and prompts plus art guidelines and tips proven to connect whether you’re artistic or not

Make Friends & Grow


Join the unique, friendly, amazing community of fellow entrepreneurs with similar goals waiting to support you and share ideas

The Best Testimonials

How to Get Great Testimonials

Learn the Way(s) You Want

Private Course Portal

Focus,  Comprehend, Learn, Retain

The course is accessed via our own beautiful, private portal, making it easy, clear and a pleasure to learn in a well-organized environment, a big plus

Private Chat Space

Exchange, Upload, Laugh, Share

Use our chat portal to ask questions and connect; upload any file type and chat individually and as a group in our easy-to-use, up-to-date portal 

Sign Up Today!

Fill your event without getting tangled in tech, anxiety or ads.

Spreadsheet Love is a simple yet powerful system offered in a 4-week committed — hybrid live and online — course for entrepreneurs to help fill your program, course or event, proven to be effective. Space is limited. Live support included.
Choose your package.

by Katie Colormaiden

The Connector

Training + Coaching + Community

/ first mo / $149/mo after
    • Video Training Step by Step 
    • Cheatsheet + Template (Excel & Sheets)
    • Private Course Portal
    • Weekly Live Coaching Calls 
    • Private Community Chat
    • Fellow Entrepreneur Community
    • BONUS: How to Get Great Testimonials
Done With You

The Visionary

Training + Coaching + Done for You

/ Just 1 per mo available
    • Everything in the Connector PLUS:
    • High-Touch One-on-One Support
    • Custom Art Theme 
    • Custom Post & Email Art for 6 Pieces
    • Custom Writing & Editing for 6 Pieces
    • Landing Page & Order Form with Payment
    • Fancy QR Code 
    • 4-Pay Option Available at Checkout
Done For You

An important roadmap…

Spreadsheet Love is an important roadmap… There’s so much value in Katie’s work. This is art.”

— Lisa DeLand, TX

Katie’s made a big difference…

Katie’s made a big difference in my life and my business…”

— Rae-ann Woods-Shatz
Edmonton, Canada

I brought in $15k…

I brought in $15k in a month when I needed it most using Katie’s system. I definitely recommend Spreadsheet Love.”

— Gita Joshi, UK

Hi, I’m Katie Colormaiden, an artist who loves spreadsheets

Katie Colormaiden

Spiritual Business & Home Designer
Systems Creator

I studied with brilliant Pomodoro Technique creator and IT productivity expert Francesco Cirillo. I love smart systems that support creativity, innovation and fun. My expertise is in systems that help artists.

Designer, Writer, Developer of Beautiful Businesses, Brands and Home Furnishings

I’m an entrepreneur and have run my business, Embodyart by Colormaiden, for 23 years. I’ve designed huge exhibition spaces for Sikorsky Aircraft and United Technologies Corporation companies (Pratt & Whitney, Carrier, Rocketdyne, Hamilton-Sundstrand) besides websites, courses, brands and materials for 100s of brilliant, playful, spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide.

You Need Systems & a Plan for Success

During my years of entrepreneurship, my spreadsheets turned into an amazing system for success. I started sharing them to support clients and they came through every time, to our huge gratitude and the delight of clients’ bank accounts.

So I’m now compelled to share this simple yet powerful system with you, so you too can experience that being an entrepreneur is the most rewarding journey and with the right systems, you can achieve your dreams.

Lovin Bytes,


If you need a simple way to cut through the BS and fill your event,
sign up today because Spreadsheet Love is for you!